Denigrated by some, lauded by others, the electric motor is whether we like it or not, now a part of the landscape of motorized two-wheelers: the image of the automotive industry, electric propulsion is the new workhorse of many manufacturers of two-wheel and the only alternative to pollution concerning whether chemical or sound.
Electric Motion is one of those manufacturers with a corporate culture focused on exclusively electric.

Currently, the supply of electric motorcycle is reduced and the range is more than limited; Electric Motionextends the range of opportunities for 2 wheels lovers, offering a trial model for fans of “green motorbikes.”

The brand is distinguished by a special ability to exceed the elitist rates by offering a product at a price in the average expenditure for the purchase of a classic motorcycle.

Electric Motion proves that it is able to produce electric motorcycles efficient and accessible, but also stylish … To follow: stay tuned!

The components of an electric motor are:

– A battery
– An electric motor,
– A controller.
Our bike is also equipped with a program for 4 types of settings on the driver and the field (4 maps: Eco Trek Gras Trial, Trial Sec

Some useful formula in order to understand the basics of the electric motor :


U: voltage in volts (V)
I: current in amperes (A)
P: power in watts (W)
P = U x I
If the speed increases, the torque decreases
Battery capacity (Ah)
Battery Energy (Wh)
Energy = U x Capacity

The rate is proportional to the voltage.
The torque is proportional to the current.
Autonomy increases the capacity (Ah) of the battery.

Analogy with the thermal engine:
1 hp = 736 W = 0736 kilowatts
10 hp = 7.36 kilowatts
10 kilowatts = 13.6 hp

Read more about the technology that makes the Electric Motion trials bike possible :