Chris Bruand & the Epure

🔽 Watch this 🔽 Christophe Bruand and his Epure Electric Motion at the Camping Le Chamadou !  

Jérôme DELAIR / Teamzone & Electric Trial Paradise

Jerome Delair, a multi-skill pilot, has been at our side since our debut with ELECTRIC MOTION motorcycles Available in his trial school ou and its hikes Electric trial paradise -stage et randonnée moto trial électrique- apt in the heart of Provence Thoe bikes are available to everyone, join him in the Lubéron for […]

Chris Bruand – Our electric / eclectic pilot

Christophe Bruand our electric pilot / eclectic He was the first to ride on the Electric Motion prototypes and he is participating today in the development of the latest Epure 1st electric backflip in bercy in 2012, and a mini backflip on a 80 cm high ramp this year He travels the roads with his […]

French E-Trial Championship

French E-Trial Championship // Nemours  🏁😊👌🏻⛰🇫🇷 #electricmotion #fullelectric #etrial #championnatdefrance#trial #riders #readytogo @ Nemours      

Castries run !

  Voir cette publication sur Instagram   L’ETrek en ouverture de la Ronde Castriote 😊🏃‍♀️👍🏻🏃‍♂️🏁 #electricmotion #fullelectric #etrek #rondecastriote #runrunrun #running #runaway #castries Une publication partagée par Electric Motion (@electricmotion_officiel) le 16 Avril 2019 à 8 :36 PDT

Hello Spring !

Beautiful days, beautiful colours, beautiful bikes ! @dec_sport_moto

Still in full swing

Production still in full swing at @electricmotion_officiel 🇫🇷👍🏻🎉😊 #electricmotion #fullelectric #electricbike #electric #infullswing#readytogo #allovertheworld

Off grid in Switzerland

  Voir cette publication sur Instagram   Repost @nelsonp8888_ “#offgrid @electricmotion_officiel” 🙏🏻⛰🤩🌲⚡️ #electricmotion #fullelectric #emsport #landscape #forest #happyrider Une publication partagée par Electric Motion (@electricmotion_officiel) le 1 Avril 2019 à 8 :03 PDT

ETrek for e-trajet !

ETrek(s) for e-Trajet our new dealer in Toulouse more informations soon… 👍🏻⚡️😁 #electricmotion#electric #electricbike #toulouse #newstore #letthesunshine  

Trial Magazine UK & the 2019 EMSport

ELECTRIC MOTION bikes on the Trial Magazine UK cover page 🌟😲👌🏻⚡️ #electric #electricmotion #electricbike #electricguy #trial#trialmagazineuk @trial_magazine_uk @inchperfecttrials  

North America // Container is coming !

Container is coming ! A container full of EM bikes is coming to Northern America 🔽 LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE 🔽 Feel free to contact us if you want to book your 2019 Electric Motion bike for spring !! / +33 (0) 467 411 090  


  Voir cette publication sur Instagram   @drivelectric @electricmotion_officiel @michelin @teslamotors @valcenis_officiel @elonmuskx @tesla_model_x @rideonPB600E @dirtpaintdesigns Une publication partagée par Bastien Hieyte (@bastien_hieyte) le 30 Août 2018 à 4 :32 PDT

Epure flip by Chris Bruand

Christophe Bruand : “Very happy to make my first film with the Epure in front of the extraordinary people of the @trialurbaindecahors !!! first but certainly not last ! See you soon Thank a lot” @electricmotion_officiel #flip #epure #trialurbain#epurerider #electric #electricmotion #show  

The ETrek on the Reunion Island with Green Mobility

Nothing better than an ETrek Electric Motion to go over the Reunion Island beautiful landscape ! Green Mobility Energy O.I our dealer there make the trip for you in video Let’s go…  

TF1 & Globules Verts on alsatian roads !

TF1 & Globules Verts on alsatian roads with Electric Motion electric bikes! Don’t hesitate if you are in France, contact Globules Verts for more information   Video HERE !    

Trial Magazine // Full of EM news !

Some article about Electric Motion on the last Trial Magazine ! The new 2019 Range, the TrialE Championship and a great test with the ETrek and the Escape at VARS la Forêt Blanche !! #electricmotion #trialmagazine #trialmag #emsport #escape #emlite#epure #anewbigstep @electricmotion_officiel @trialmag_officiel @trialgp @ Electric Motion  

The Epure & Jitsie – Interview

Find our the interview by Philippe ARESTEN about the brand new Epure ELECTRIC MOTION ! Thanks Jitsie for the video !  

Moto Verte – Test of the EMsport and Escape 2019 !

A beautiful test on the Moto Verte revue… For francophone people only ! MOTO VERTE EMSport 2019   MOTO VERTE EScape 2019   Don’t hesitate to contact us for more informations : +33 (0) 4 67 41 10 90 // +33 (0) 6 51 05 51 69  

3rd place of the FIM TrialE Cup – Christophe BRUAND and his Epure !!

3rd place for Christophe Bruand at the FIM TrialE Cup ! Thanks to all riders Takumi Narita, Christophe Bruand, Bastien Hieyte E.Rider, Jerome Delair Officiel, partners and all the electric Team !   Takumi Narita “I’m very happy to ride the Epure today, with my injury some sections parts were very hard for my body […]


  Takumi Narita : Elegance and kindness  for this exceptionnel rider   Everybody know Takumi Narita, one of the most stylish Trial rider in the World, the kindest of all, and appreciated by all. We are very proud to announce his presence for the world championship in the TRIAL-E Category  at the handlebar of our ELECTRIC MOTION brand new […]

Electric Motion España

Presentation of the Spanish electric team on the Trial of Pobladura de Las Regueras (Castilla Y Leon) riding their Electric Motion bikes  

Electric Trial Paradise // Jérôme Delair

Spring is the best season to test Electric Motion bikes, if you are in the south of France, you could test them with Electric trial paradise -stage et randonnée moto trial électrique- apt ! Book your test with Jerome Delair Officiel More informations on the facebook page

Christophe Bruand : éclectique rider, electric rider –  Back to competition

Christophe Bruand : eclectic rider, electric rider   Back to competition   We are pleased to announce the return of Chris Bruand to competition. He will ride the World Championship in the trial-E Category, For the French round, in Auron, July, 14th/15th  and the Belgium round, in Comblain au Pont, July 21st/22nd   After stopped […]

Hidden side of the show…

Hidden side of the TV show in the USA with Christophe Bruand & Kenny Thomas Officiel ! USA we’re coming ! See you soon…

E-BackLoop by Kenny Thomas // Christophe Bruand

Instagram E-Backloop by @kennythomasofficiel teaching by @christophe_bruand 😵👍🏻 #electric #electricbike #backflip #ramp Une publication partagée par Electric Motion (@electricmotion_officiel) le 7 Mars 2018 à 10 :08 PST    Facebook 

EMSport & Brandon Schmidt

Enjoy and have fun like Brandon Schmidt with his EMSport Electric Motion in Vancouver forests !  – Bryce Piwek Photo  

Michelin Motorcycle // ETrek !

Michelin Motorcycle suggest the ELECTRIC MOTION ETrek !     Are you a fan of new technologies who loves nature and who is on the hunt for a versatile bike that is respectful of the environment? Allow us to suggest Electric Motion ’s ETrek. It is agile, as much at home on city streets as it is […]

Hit with some snow ?

It is the coldest winter’s week here in France Take the opportunity to ride your ELECTRIC MOTION  bike in and under the snow !   #escape #ride #snow #nature #sport #electricmotion #landscape #white #moto #trek #winter Une publication partagée par Electric Motion (@electricmotion_officiel) le 4 Déc. 2017 à 8 :46 PST

Few Options for your ETrek !

FEW Options for your ETrek !   EM Charge option  We created a charge system for the ETrek owners to charge their bike whenever they can in the simplest way possible. With this in mind we designed ETrek EM Charge System!   Soft Case  A soft case on your ETrek to show you the way […]

Salon Moto Legend // Château de Vincennes

The 20th edition of the Salon Moto Legend will just begin ! ELECTRIC MOTION bikes will be exposed on this show Find us on the stand P12 from 2017 November, 24th to 26th  More information HERE

Roof of Africa – Electron Powersports

It is Roof Of Africa- Mother of Hard Enduro time from november 16th to 18th ! Find there our importer in South Africa Electron Powersports with Electric Motion motorbikes    

EICMA 2017 // PAD 18 – STAND F83

Future Specialist, our italian importer, will present all our Electric Motion  range this year in Milan for the international exhibition Eicma, from Novembre, 7th to 12th (from the 9th for individuals) Find us at Eicma PAD 18 – STAND F83  


NEW ESCAPE SEAT !   A new look and an improved integration ! A tighter seat for a greater comfort Removed more easily   Come and test the improvements of the new EScape Electric Motion Schedule a demo ride

ETrek Electric Motion in the city ^^

ETrek Electric Motion in the city ^^ #electricmotion #Etrek #moto #flowers #city #street #electricmotorcycle #electric #picoftheday @mutuelledesmotards @motul A post shared by Electric Motion (@electricmotion_officiel) on Sep 29, 2017 at 7:42am PDT

Electron Powersports / new importer in South Africa

The EScape Electric Motion test in dry conditions ! Great pictures from Electron Powersports new importer in South Africa Find all our importers and dealers on our website / Network  

Motorbike with horses !

Globules Verts make the show with horses at the Fête du cheval de Mackenheim More pictures/videos on its FB page

AVEM website speak about ELECTRIC MOTION bikes !

AVEM website, 1st information website about electric and hybrid vehicle has made a great article about ELECTRIC MOTION and the range of our electric bikes ! Read the article HERE (only in french..) Bonne lecture !

Complete ETrek range

Here below the complete ETrek range      STANDARD SUPERMOTARD all road       More pictures coming soon…

Mountain Getaway ^^

Mountain getaway with Electric Motion Andorra and the EScape Electric Motion  

Electric Trial Randonnées with Jérôme DELAIR

Between 2 training for the ETrial WorldCup, Jerome Delair Djé Tz proposes Electric Trial Randonnées ^^ Electric trial paradise -stage et randonnée moto trial électrique- apt  This is the good time for a breath of fresh air !!

Jérôme DELAIR is training…

Plenty of strong fight in Lourdes, June 25th for the ETrial WorldCup ! Bastien look out for Jérôme, he is training…   TrialGP – FIM Trial World Championship  

The great EScape – Stéphane Peterhansel & Andrea Mayer

The great EScape 2017, May 12th, we have had the pleasure of having with us Stéphane Peterhansel & Andrea Mayer, came to pick up their 2 EScape ELECTRIC MOTION ! ​ ​A great moment of pleasure with you for everyone, Thank you  

TRIAL E / June, 24th & 25th – Lourdes, France

Tick tock, tick tock… The big day approaches! The appointment triale on the TrialGP – FIM Trial World Championship will be held on 24 & 25th of June in Lourdes, France ^^ More information in a few days… The list of registered on the official website

ETrek available NOW !

Don’t hesitate, contact us for more informations // +33 (0) 4 67 41 10 90   

Jack Field, FIA Formula E – 2015

2 years ago, Jack Field had fun with his EM bike in Long Beach during the FIA Formula E ! We just can’t get enough !   Riding the Flair Action Sports & Promotions Electric Bike around Long Beach Formula E. Posted by JACK FIELD on Thursday, 9 April 2015

Jean-Baptiste Grange with his EScape 2017

Les petits plaisirs du printemps avec ma nouvelle @electricmotion_officiel “EScape” (Spring simple pleasures with my new @electricmotion_officiel “EScape”)

This morning on France Bleu

Ysis Percq speak about Electric Motion in ToulEco on France Bleu ! “A company that innovates in the motorcycle world“

ELECTRIC MOTION on “On the Pegs” magazine !

ELECTRIC MOTION on “On the Pegs” magazine ! A full article with our electric bike on the famous web magazine “On the pegs” ^^ Electrify yourself on the page 90 ! ON THE PEGS Edition : April 2017,Vol 2, Issue 4 Publisher / journalist : SHAN MOORE On the pegs April 2017,Vol 2, Issue 4 ON THE PEGS

Sames solar renews its electrical experience !

Sames solar renews its electrical experience !   Sames Solar was our first customer ! Nowadays he renews the electrical experience with the EMSport 2017 and it impressed him a lot  ! Successful Electrical Alliance with Electric Motion Motorcycles and the Photovoltaic Panels Company.   Find out some pictures here.  


ELECTRIC MOTION ANDORRA “RIDE LAGARRIGA” with his 2017 Escape   Thanks to our importer in Andorra, Alex Antor, for this great demonstration ! Find out the video on his Facebook page !

Electric TrialGP is coming

Electric TrialGP is coming   The electric World Trial Championship event, Electric TrialGP / FIM Trial-E Cup (Trial-E), will take place on the French round in Lourdes, June, 24th & 25th. Of course Electric Motion will be there. More informations coming here   Thierry Michaud, FIM Trial Commission Director : “We are delighted that there is now […]

An Arm wrestling champion rides the EMLite

An Arm wrestling champion rides the EMLite Andy Barker former World Arm wrestling silver medalist, picking up his new bike at Inch Perfect Trial #electricmotion #lite @electricmotion_officiel    

Electric Trial Paradise, get away in Provence

Electric Trial Paradise, get away in Provence   If you plan to come in France, Provence, take full advantage of your visit ! Test and ride our electric bikes with Electric trial paradise -stage et randonnée moto trial électrique- apt. Get away in most beautiful place in France driving Electric Motion bikes !

Rock’n Roll preview & ELECTRIC MOTION !

We were at the Rock’n Roll preview in Montpellier and Guillaume Canet made us a special dedication A real thanks to him and a great moment to watch Rock’n Roll Video here 🙂  

Loris GUBIAN in Greece

Loris GUBIAN visiting our Greek importer on a seminar on his field with ELECTRIC MOTION’s bikes ! The helpful hints from the French Trial Champion were much appreciated by riders present there that day  🙂      

Moto Verte – 2017 February

Find out the ELECTRIC MOTION TEST ON THE LAST MOTOVERTE (FEBRUARY)!! Jérôme Delair had the kindness to show his beautiful Luberon to MotoVerte for a test with ELECTRIC MOTION Bikes  “e-motion” in Luberon

2017 Wishes

ELECTRIC MOTION wish a lot of happiness and great adventures for this new Year  !