The EScape boasts the longest range of all our trial models.

Developed for extreme ride use, this electric bike is as silent as it is efficient.

Our ergonomically designed trial bike, includes a battery allowing for very long rides.

The EScape is the ultimate answer for your wilderness and adventures.


New motor, new transmission, more power, more torque, more speed, more silence

The new 2019 EScape is totally different and improved !


With a brand new engine and controller in addition the driving experience is totally changed !


A nimble motorcycle with the torque and power that allows you overcome the toughest terrain and extreme obstacles.

Now you can explore forests, reach peaks and regenerate down mountains…silently with the EScape

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Trial RANGE 2019


Available in homologated version (125cm3) 

OPTIONAL : Rear brake at the handlebar / New rear LED plate (Non homologated)

Some of the benefits of an EM Electric compared to petroleum motorcycles //

  • At the flick of a switch the power is that of a conventional 125, 250 or 300 moto trials bike
  • In muddy conditions, at the flick of a handlebar switch the power can be reduced
  • Zero pollution
  • No fire risk if riding off road in high fire season
  • No kick starting, just turn on the power and go
  • No gear changing to worry about
  • No engine noise
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Back yard friendly
  • When going downhill you could slowdown the bike and allow the battery to be recharged!

*Range and top speed vary based on riding style and drivetrain configuration

** Speed of 70 – 75 km/h – Off Road utilisation on private land / Full charged battery pack – 70kg rider – pneumatic inflated at 600gr

2019 Specifications //

  • New controller
    • New control system
    • More reactivity
    • Better feeling
    • Weight and volume reduced


  • New electric motor
    • New technology
    • Torque increased
    • High RPM
    • Motor noise reduced


  • New transmission
    • Weight reduced
    • Noise reduced
    • New position of the motor ( gravity center optimized)


  • New Cockpit
    • New S3 World handelbar and protection
    • Ergonomy optimized
    • Smallers


  • New brake pedal
    • Lighter
    • Bearing system
    • Ergonomy optimized
    • Stronger


  • New engine protector


  • New style
    • White Frame
    • Rims & clamps Black anodized
    • Graphic design 2019



Optional //


  • Rear brake at the handlebar
  • New rear LED plate // Non homologated
  • PELS
    • Controlled braking progressive mode of the kinetic energy converted in electricity referred to the battery
  • PRB
    • Progressive and intuitive command of the motor


  • Aluminium TECH Fork – Optimized setting ***
  • Transmission, chain & sprocket low friction ***



*** Escape Sport version


  • Frame
    Perimetric 25CD4S Steels
  • Front Suspension
    Ollé Hydraulic telescopic Fork Ø40 // Tech Aluminium Fork Ø39***
  • Front Travel
  • Rear Suspension
    Ollé R16V // Ollé Aluminium R16V***
  • Rear Travel
  • Front Brake
    Hydraulic Disk 182mm 4pistons
  • Rear Brake
    Hydraulic Disk 150mm 2pistons
  • Rims
    Morad Trial 1.6″x21″ & 2.15″ x18″ // Tubeless Black***


  • Wheel Base
    1350 mm
  • Length
    2035 mm
  • Width
    825 mm
  • Seat Height
    850 mm
  • Ground Clearance
    320 mm
  • Footrests Height
    360 mm
  • Weight
    78 Kg


  • Engine
    Brushless DC
  • Power
    5kW nominal / 12kW peak : 16CV
  • Wheel Torque
    350 Nm
  • Cooling
  • Primary Transmission
    By belt
  • Final Transmission
    By chain
  • Maximum Speed*
    70-75 km/h **
  • Time Range*
    110 to 200 min
  • Battery
    LiPo 48.1V / 40Ah / 1.9kWh
  • Charging Time
    180 minutes
* Range and top speed vary based on riding style and drivetrain configuration
** Off Road utilisation on private land / Full charged battery pack - 70kg rider - pneumatic inflated at 600gr
*** EScape Sport version

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