Hidden side of the show…

Hidden side of the TV show in the USA with Christophe Bruand & Kenny Thomas Officiel ! USA we’re coming ! See you soon…

E-BackLoop by Kenny Thomas // Christophe Bruand

Instagram E-Backloop by @kennythomasofficiel teaching by @christophe_bruand 😵👍🏻 #electric #electricbike #backflip #ramp Une publication partagée par Electric Motion (@electricmotion_officiel) le 7 Mars 2018 à 10 :08 PST    Facebook 

EMSport & Brandon Schmidt

Enjoy and have fun like Brandon Schmidt with his EMSport Electric Motion in Vancouver forests !  – Bryce Piwek Photo  

Michelin Motorcycle // ETrek !

Michelin Motorcycle suggest the ELECTRIC MOTION ETrek !     Are you a fan of new technologies who loves nature and who is on the hunt for a versatile bike that is respectful of the environment? Allow us to suggest Electric Motion ’s ETrek. It is agile, as much at home on city streets as it is […]